Insult to injury

Builder Dan is working hard to get everything finished, but in the meantime, this is what I must endure:

The Captain Hogs the Bed

This is my bed, the one I share with Mr. Maui Stamper – NOT with Captain Stupidhead, although he tries his best.  See the red towel on the couch?  That’s for the Captain.  And yes, this is my living room.  It’s crammed with my bed,  artwork, the contents of the family room closet, and the Big Stupid TV that started this whole mess.

Please note how comfortable he has made himself.   He’s right up there on the pillows, and he didn’t twitch when I took this photo.

Builder Dan had better get a move on, because this is completely unacceptable.  Hmph.


2 thoughts on “Insult to injury

  1. Hmmm. I understand what you are going through. We are doing a kitchen remodel at the moment, and although my bed is not in the living room, the refrigerator is. I hope your builder keeps on moving on… it will be worth all the hassle and wait! At least, that is what I am told. :))


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