Test pattern combinations

I got a couple of swaps at convention that used this fun layout:

Gift box card

This idea is easy to customize to any holiday or occasion.  I had a blast putting patterns together – kind of reminded me of the way my grandmother used to put outfits together as she got older.  We called her “test pattern Grandma”.  (You readers who are younger than dirt will have to ask an old person what a test pattern is.  Since I’m older than dirt, I already know.)

The best part is that this card opens up:

Gift box card opened

Don’t you love it?  And it is SO easy.  The bottom half of the card is a pocket, the top half a sliding panel.  I think you could put some Dotto on the card and attach a gift card.  I started pulling out all of my holiday Designer Series Paper scraps to see what else I could come up with:

Another gift box card!

This is just the size for all those pieces you saved because they were too big to throw away!  (I know – we’ve covered this before.  I’m not trying to make you feel badly, you know – I’m congratulating you for your frugality and helping you find a way to use those crazy pieces!!)

Now go make some test pattern cards of your own – and have fun with it!

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