Beautiful Ride

Did you ever count VW Beetles on road trips?  Scour the highway so you could be the first to spot one and earn the dubious right to slug your fellow passenger?  Wish you could be lucky enough to ever own one?

MauiStamper Beautiful Ride

Some cars seem to evoke more powerful memories than others.  As a kid, I used to count them, but it was my kids who played the “Punch Buggy” game until either someone was in tears or I was hollering or both.

MauiStamper Beautiful Ride

You can see I have mad water coloring skills – ha!  It’s fun and I’ve learned to Let It Be (cue the Beatles.  See what I did there?).

I’ve added links to Stampin’ Up! products right in the card “recipe”.  Let me know what you think!  Of course, you can always just shop HERE.  And while you’re at it, cruise through the Sale-a-bration options…because everybody loves FREE.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Ride

  1. Anne,
    This is so cute! On vacation in Mexico, we rented a bubble gum pink convertible VWBug. What great fun!! I smile when I see the pics from that vacation. Thanks for the reminder.


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