Cutting paper for the Big Shot

I had a MAJOR a-ha! moment last night.  I was cutting out a long decorative sizzlet strip for a swap and I needed positive and negative images.  A bunch of my strips kept cutting in half – the image at the very end was cut off just a smidge and the negative image was split.

Big Shot with Decorative Sizzlet

I finally went in and measured a piece of 12 x 12 cardstock.  Whoa!  One side was just short of 12 x 12 and one side was just long of 12 x 12.  I am talking about a hair – literally – but it was enough to make all the difference in my sizzlet strip.

I didn’t do a scientific analysis here.  It was late and I just wanted to finish my cranking so I cut the strips I needed from the hair-long side instead of the hair-short side and finished.  But next time I’m using those long strips you better believe I’ll pay attention.

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