Valentine Bouquet

I’m not a huge fan of punch art, but I do like 3-D projects.  These little flowers seem to be a cross-over project between the two:

Flowers from the Full Heart punch

Do you ever struggle with a concept that is perfectly shaped in your head but won’t take that shape underneath your hands?  No comments about the condition of my head, please!!   These flowers are cuter on their own than as a group.  I think I broke the Rule of Odds – odd numbers in an arrangement – and that may be why it doesn’t look quite right to me.  I don’t have any artistic training, so my problem-solving techniques amount to trial and error.

These were simple to make.

  1. Punch 6 hearts with the Full Heart punch.
  2. Use a sponge dauber to define the edges  of 5 hearts; stamp, emboss or texture each.  Score down the center and crease.
  3. Use the 6th heart as a base.  Attach 5 hearts in flower shape with Tombo Adhesive.
  4. Punch a 3/4″ circle of cardstock.  Layer the flower, the cardstock circle and a button and pierce through button holes with piercing tool.
  5. Set aside the button.  Use a needle and threat to tie the circle and button together with linen thread.
  6. Place the button on top of the flower and circle.  Use fine craft wire to attach the flower, circle and button to a bamboo skewer, twisting securely on the back.  Trim ends and bend in towards skewer to avoid sharp edges.

Back view of Heart Flower

It took me about 40 minutes to make 8 of these.  I’ll bet you could do them faster!

3 thoughts on “Valentine Bouquet

  1. I hope you dont mind the suggestion but I was thinking that you could attached some peppermint patty to the back of your Lovely flowers
    Huntington Beach CA


  2. I’ve been feeling blah about stamping lately — don’t know why — but saw you on split coast, and now love love love your website! Thanks for your cute ideas, and now I’m motivated to make some cute valentine stuff! I’m starting on these heart flowers now! Keep up the good work, and thanks for keeping your website current! It is making me want to get mine back up and going 🙂


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