Happy Birthday to me

Nothing new for you, though I did work on a couple of projects today.  It’s my birthday, I’ve had a lovely day, and I just wanted to share a couple of highlights.

Happy Birthday from Kseniya

I came downstairs this morning VERY early and I had my own Balloon Birthday from Kseniya.  Yes, she did the pencil drawing of me in the middle of the balloons – she’s very talented!  What a great way to start my day.

I’m training to be a Weight Watcher’s leader, so it was off to an early morning meeting.  After the meeting, Cheryl, Robbie and I met for pedicures and laughs.  I’m sure the salon professionals thought we’d been drinking, we laughed so hard!  Cheryl got sparkley pink, Robbie got a pinky- purple, and I went for violet:

Purple toes

Yep.  Those are my wide Birkie feet.  Those purple toes look great in Birks!

It’s been a wonderful day – I’ve gotten cards and flowers, lots of  happy phone calls, and we have plans for dinner later tonight at Mala’s Wailea.  I even set up a Facebook account – my girls finally gave up protesting.  I’ve promised not to lurk.  Shoot, I probably won’t even keep my own page up to date!

Happy Birthday to me!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me

  1. Happy birthday! Great to see you had so much fun afoot.
    We’ve been on Marriage Encounter business in California (Section 12 board meeting). This week, we’re taking a mini-vacation We’ll be visiting a few colleges for Serena (Cal-Davis, Cal-Berkeley, Mills College), and we’ll be visiting with family and friends.

    Brian and Claudine


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