I’m retiring at last

No, it’s not what you think:  I’m retiring as chauffeur.  My son passed his driver’s license exam this morning!

The successful driver

It’s tough to pass the test in Hawaii – as it should be – but he was well prepared and ready to take the test.  I’ll tell you what’s REALLY tough – it’s sitting on that bench, watching as he walks out to the parking lot with the examiner and waiting while they go out on the road.  This is my third time through that process, and it doesn’t get any easier.  My stomach is always in knots as the test begins, but as time goes by and there’s no early return (meaning failure) the knot starts to settle.  It’s a great feeling to see your child come around that corner with a confident smile and a thumbs-up.  (My middle daughter thought she would be funny and walked towards me looking as downcast as possible, sending my heart to my toes until she lookup up and grinned and said “I passed!”.  Stinker.)

My life as chauffeur is over, and I am thrilled to become the chauffeured.  Congratulations, Matt.  Well done.

2 thoughts on “I’m retiring at last

  1. Oh, I know exactly how that waiting feels!….and then such exhilaration when they are victorious! My son got a flat tire while waiting in the line of cars to take the behind the wheel test and had to reschedule — what are the odds?! I’ve been chauffeured for many years now and it is wonderful! Congrats on your “retirement.” I enjoy following your site —TFS!


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