Good morning, Captain

Have you been wondering what the Captain has been up to?

Captain Stupidhead loves my Birkenstocks.  I don’t know if he likes the leather and suede or if it’s my stinky feet, but he does like to sleep with his head on my Birks when I’m reading the newspaper in the morning.   He’s very social in the morning and likes to hang out with me while I drink my coffee.  Our kitchen is sunny and he happily stretches out on the floor.

Of course, if I’m trying to accomplish something in the morning – say, pack my son’s lunch – then he’ll carefully position himself in the one spot he knows will create the most disruption to my pre-coffee stumbling.  If that doesn’t work, he’ll wait til I’m standing at the counter and then sit directly behind me, letting out an indignant howl if I step backward and onto his precious tail.

Enough of the Captain – how about an autumn candle?

Candle with cork and paper leaves

Robbie brought over a few sheets of Stampin’ Up! cork and we brainstormed ideas for using it in different ways.  I’m not sure who was inspired to turn it into leaves, but we loved the results.  Crystal had the idea of sponging a little color onto the cork and the rest, as they say, is history.

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