In case you’ve been wondering…

We’ve begun our remodel.  It began pretty simply with exterior painting.  The poor cat has been beside himself as the yard has been full of men and scaffolding and noise; the day they power-washed the exterior was a tough one for the poor Captain.  The painting process has become routine, though, and now he is adjusting to yet another change:

Day 1

This isn’t a true before picture, as the desk is completely empty.  I am VERY proud of myself, as Mr. Maui Stamper was off island on business and I moved the computer – including printer, cable, router and enough cable to tie up a rodeo – into the adjacent room and installed EVERYTHING.  I was terrified there wouldn’t be wi-fi and we would be back in the stone age, but apparently I’m more brilliant than I give myself credit for.

Poor Captain Stupidhead likes to relax here first thing in the morning after Breakfast #1.  Unfortunately, it’s not really a relaxing place to be anymore:

Day 2

This part was only moderately noisy , but the disruption factor was high.  Remember those cabinets, though, as you are going to see them again!

Day 3

Ah, now we’re down to serious business!  I wish I’d taken a photo of that poor cat sticking his nose into the doorway (out of the photo on the left) when Builder Dan and I stood here to talk about progress.  You’ve heard the expression “nose out of joint” ?  The disruption has become unbearable.

As a result, the poor Captain has a new routine.  After he eats Breakfasts #1, 2 and 3 in rapid succession, he high-tails it upstairs to Mr. Maui Stamper’s closet.  He doesn’t reappear until all the painters, hammers, noisy machines, and Builder Dan himself have exited the premises.  When he does reappear, I get an earful – apparently it is very stressful to sleep in the sock basket all day:

Leave me alone

His expression says “What??  Leave me alone!  And close the closet door while you’re at it.”  At least he’s sleeping on top of the tan socks instead of the navy and black socks.


Here are some of the cabinets…waiting for Builder Dan to finish downstairs.  You’ll see more of this, too!

2 thoughts on “In case you’ve been wondering…

  1. Whoa! Major stuff, but now that you are underway, I’m sure the “after-effects” will be stamptabulous, and the Maui Stamper will be super inspired and posting like crazy! (And if not, at least get some kind of side job in computer installation ;). )
    Awaiting the progress reports….


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