We are safe…

Just a quick post, no photos, no drama.  We are all fine – even Captain Stupidhead – and feel blessed to have been spared the effects of a huge tsunami.  From what I’ve seen and heard, the harbor area (Kahului) experienced water coming a fair distance inland but I have yet to hear of serious personal injury.

My greatest loss is sleep – I was up til about 1 am listening to news, civil defense sirens, helicopters, and the police on bullhorns warning us to be prepared.  My daughter in Spain called about 2 am, my daughter in Australia called about 3 am, and my son’s high school called at 5:30 am to say there would be no school.  I can catch up on sleep later…everyone is safe.

The people of Japan were not as fortunate and that is where we need to focus our prayers.




4 thoughts on “We are safe…

  1. You were the first person I thought of when I heard that the Tsunami was headed towards Hawaii. Thank God there wasn’t a lot of damage there and I agree…lots of prayers for the poor people in Japan who weren’t so lucky.


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