Once a Maui Stamper, always a Maui Stamper

We shared a bittersweet evening a couple of weeks ago.  Kellie and her family are moving to the Mainland.  Their reasons are good and of course we all support them in this move, but the truth is we don’t like it.  Kellie’s loving, gentle presence and her inspired projects bring such light to our demonstrator meetings!  We couldn’t let her leave without getting together for some laughter and lovin’.

Being SU demos, we had to have a project:

Pillow box owl

I know.  Can you stand it?  This isn’t an original idea – it’s an absolute CASE (Copy And Share with Everyone).    I saw them on Jill Hilliard‘s blog and she in turn credited Card a la Carte, where you can find details on construction.

My plan was for all of us to make these at Kellie’s Aloha party, but I hadn’t even made a sample – I just had the link.  You should have seen us sitting around my dining table:

Maui Stampers go tech

Well, now you can see us!  Everyone scrolling through their smart phones, looking at the pictures and instructions.  (And Kellie in the background trying to sort out a mini-crisis!)

Peggy and Crystal with the punches

Peggy and Crystal got busy with the punches.

Robbie's eyeballs

Robbie got a little punchy herself!  And we were all so happy to see Cheryl feeling back to normal.

Lisa & Kellie

Lisa and Kellie – and Lisa, you’d better watch out for that dino behind you!!  Kellie has been packing for weeks, if not months.  Every time I’d see her she’d tell me how she was improvising because this item was packed, or they’d sold that item (little things, you know, BEDS).  When she came in she laughed and told us she’d brought her adhesive with her:

Kellie & her adhesive

Kellie, we’re sorry you’re leaving Maui but we know we’ll be seeing you soon in Salt Lake!  And remember…once a Maui Stamper, always a Maui Stamper.

Aloha Kellie

And don’t forget that these are for the CRAFT ROOM, not the garage or the garden or any of that secondary stuff!  Love you.

One thought on “Once a Maui Stamper, always a Maui Stamper

  1. Haaaa! I missed this while moving and traveling! Thank you again for such a wonderful “see you later party”!! And convention was a great way to reconnect and become even better friends!


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