Owl Multiplication

I turned my back for just a little bit and look what happened:

Orderly Owls

All of a sudden there was a flock of owls!  (HIJACK:  I have a thing for collective nouns, and I found a website that claimed the correct term for an assembly of owls is a Parliament of Owls.  Love it.)

These owls descend from THIS website, although they’ve mutated ever so slightly.  They’re so much fun to do that I’ve become slightly addicted.  They have the added benefit of being just the right size to stuff with a little wad of cash, which is the Gift of Choice for every graduate I know.  I made a couple in school colors for some of my favorite members of the Class of 2011, but I’m not showing you those just yet because they haven’t been delivered.  I’m trying to figure out how to put a mortarboard on them, but if they’re to be delivered before the Grads head off to school I’d better get moving.

One Pear Owl

These just crack me up!!!

3 thoughts on “Owl Multiplication

  1. Have to say, til now I have not been swept away with the owl craze….BUT, this happy parliament of unique “hooters” (the old association of that word 😉 ) is most endearing!! On to the wish list it goes!!


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