and you’re not here at Convention because…

If you are a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator you NEED to be at Convention.  The energy is incredible, the displays are eye-popping, the classes are very informative, the relationships are affirming, and we are raking in the FREE STUFF!!  Plan on being here next year!

I’m just sayin’…

I won prize patrol yesterday (YES!!) and Cheryl won today:

Cheryl won prize patrol!

Isn’t that a fabulous jacket?  We convinced her to get it – the rest of us couldn’t wear that color EVER but she looks great!

We have seen some fabulous projects, including all the new Holiday Mini product available starting September 1.  If you love Halloween, or Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or even all three, this mini will knock your socks off.  I like Halloween well enough, but I could become a super-Halloween-fan like Robbie with enough projects like this:

Pick Your Poison

If I tried to tell you about all of the wonderful experiences I had today with the most caring, funny, talented, creative, incredible Stampin’ Up! demonstrators you have ever met I would be here until tomorrow, and I’m much too tired tonight for that.  Just trust me when I say these experiences have touched me in ways I couldn’t imagine.  If you’re not here because you’re not a demonstrator, maybe it’s time you gave it serious thought.  It’s only $99 this month – visit my Online Store for details.

One last photo – I got an award for recruiting this year – my first Stampin’ Up! award.  I was so proud to be recognized on stage, and I was especially proud to be able to walk across with Janet Wakeland, who has mentored me this past year:

Stampin' Up! Convention 2011

One thought on “and you’re not here at Convention because…

  1. Convention is even better that I’d expected!!! Excitement, incredible ideas all around, and, yes, lots of free stuff! Congratulations on your award, Anne!


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