The Village of Cuteness

Stampin’ Up! offered us an optional +Fun class on Friday night at convention.  There were 3 different classes to choose from, and I can’t really tell you why I signed up for the Village of Cuteness.  I’ll confess it WASN’T the name – in my book, things like puppies and kittens are cute.  Villages, well, not so much.

Anyway, sleep deprived as we were, we hustled through dinner on Friday night and lined up with a thousand or so of our very best friends to make these:

The Village of Cuteness

Oh yeah, I finished mine in the time allotted and brought them home and set them right up.


We barely got them painted!!  We decided that was really our plan all along, as trying to bring them home all embellished (more about that later) would be a challenge.

Stampin’ Up! did a great job with these projects.  We had EVERY product we needed and more, clear instructions, even refreshments.  What we were lacking was time (and sleep, which may have had an impact on our ability to make the best of our time.  You be the judge.)   We jumped right in and started painting and distressing with the awesome Distressing Essentials Kit (#118762, $19.95), also known as the Get Your Hands Inkier Than They Have Ever Been In Your Life Kit.

Cheryl and Priscilla with their inky fingers

Cheryl is sitting next to Priscilla, who was the BEST EVER table-mate and fit in with our craziness absolutely perfectly.  Priscilla was much neater at this than I was, as I seemed to have ink AND paint all over my hands.  You have to feed the muse.

Peggy and the cupcake

Speaking of feeding, Stampin’ Up! provided us with dessert – as if we needed more sugar in our systems.  Peggy inspired us all with her cupcake-eating-technique…but some things are meant to be enjoyed in the moment.  You’ll have to trust me when I say it was impressive.

Working on the Villages of Cuteness

This was serious business as we studied our instructions to figure out what we needed to get done in class and what we could do at home.   Notice those looks of concentration!!

Happy Villagers

It seemed like we’d just started when the announcement was made that it was time to pack up.  Priscilla kindly offered to take our picture with our Villages.  I’m not quite sure what Cheryl is doing over Robbie’s head.  We were among the last to leave, and we took a little time to check out some of the displays outside the Make and Take hall before we headed back to our rooms.

Robbie, the Plan Ahead Demonstrator, had brought USPS Flat Rate boxes with her, and the next morning at breakfast she announced to us all that she had already shipped her “Village People” home.  I distinctly remember thinking “Ha, a lot of good that will do”, but I kept that snarky little remark to myself.  Good thing.  Sunday morning we were desperately trying to buy a suitcase for our excess luggage – and when we found one, we crammed that puppy full too.

Once I was home and unpacked, I sat down to finish the Village.  My blocks were already painted and distressed, and my wood sheet doors were stained and attached to the houses.  It was all the other stuff that needed to be done.  I wish I could tell you how much time I spent, but I really didn’t keep track.  I had the tunes going, it was late enough that the Captain was outside chasing mousies, and Mr. Maui Stamper was sound asleep.  I can’t remember the last time I had such a good time with a project!

I’m looking forward to next year’s +Fun class!


One thought on “The Village of Cuteness

  1. Great memories!!! And I love the pictures! We were so sleep deprived! And, I’m inspired to finish my village this weekend!?!


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