A special visitor

Our family has a “spot” on the beach near our home.  Sara walked over yesterday morning for a little beach time and quickly sent me a text that someone was sunbathing in our spot:

Keawakapu Monk Seal sunbathing
This is the Hawaiian Monk Seal, specifically an 11 year old female.   Since she is a member of an endangered species, there were signs posted around her to remind her adoring public that she needs her space and should not be disturbed.  I didn’t think taking a couple of pictures would disturb her, but the surf didn’t cooperate with her snooze:

Those sneaky waves!

We’ve had a pretty good swell going on the south shore for the past couple of days, and apparently she didn’t calculate enough distance for herself.  She got a good soaking, rolled about 3 times (not easy for a girl her size!) and moved up the beach a little:

Escaping the waves

It’s a bit of a pity that I didn’t have a video camera on me.  Although she is graceful in the water,  her locomotion on the sand is what I would call galumphing.

Once she moved past the (present) high tide mark, she settled comfortably on the sand but kept an eye on me:

Watching you!

Volunteers from the community were on the beach providing information about the Hawaiian Monk Seal (and making sure the two-leggers kept their distance.)  They assured me that this seal was healthy and had likely selected this spot (Our spot!) for a little R&R while she went through molting.  All that lovely green algae growing in her fur will be shed in the next few weeks as she drops that coat and a new one comes in.

I’ll keep you posted.

8 thoughts on “A special visitor

  1. One more beautiful thing in beautiful Maui! What a special treat to see this seal. I do want to know if she had a stamp in her flipper and was doing ‘algae stamping’ on the beach!!! Ha ha ha!


  2. oh Anne, this was sooooooooo interesting…. I am looking forward to the continuing saga…. I do hope everyone leaves her alone, bless her heart…. Thank you for sharing your little corner of the world….


  3. That is just TOO AWESOME! Thanks for sharing. It’s my dream to visit Hawaii some day!! In fact, I was hoping it would be the Grand Vacation this year. I can keep dreaming! 🙂

    Thanks for writing your blog; I really enjoy reading it.


  4. Thanks for the neat photos and information. How awesome to get to see such a special thing in nature! Thanks for sharing this as well as your fab creations. 🙂


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