Re-use, reduce, recycle

We make a real effort to recycle in the Maui Stamper household.  I spotted a great way to re-purpose a couple of Stampin’ Supplies, and the best part was that this little trick solved an annoying problem for me.

I’m not a fan of the way our Linen Thread and Baker’s Twine are packaged.  You know, the ones wrapped around the card and stapled into a cello bag.  This nifty solution appeared on a number of blogs:

Yep – those are little embellishment containers.  I can’t bear to throw them away because they just seem so useful!  They’re just right for dispensing twine and thread.  Do you see the eyelet on the side?  The Crop-a-dile punched a hold in the side of the container with no problem, and I set the eyelet there just because.  I confess to still having a couple of containers full of eyelets even though we don’t offer them in our catalog any more.  (Boo.)

Here’s the container for the Linen Thread:

Linen thread container

I had to dress it up a little bit, and the little tags with the name of the thread are for those late-night stampin’ sessions when things get a little giddy.

Inside the linen thread container

Aha!  Double recycling!  I used an empty ribbon spool (this one is from the new In Color ruffled ribbon) to hold my thread so it wouldn’t snarl.  I cut the cardboard ring from the ribbon spool down to fit inside the container – unfortunately, there isn’t a circle punch that fits right, so I used the 1 3/4″ circle and then trimmed it down.  I put some pretty DSP on top with a little Tombo to dress it up, and when I punched the circle out of the middle of the DSP I saved it and stuck my needle through it.  I always keep a fat needle with my Linen Thread and my Baker’s twine, and having it inside the container means I’m less likely to stick myself with the needle while rummaging in my drawer.

The little puka on the side for the thread

I’ll bet you have a couple of these little embellishment containers sitting around.  If you don’t, you have two choices:  hurry up and use a whole mess of buttons or brads or spinner arrows or whatever so you empty out a container, or order a set of 6 of them for $3.95 (#103649).  You can still recycle the ribbon spool 🙂

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