Cheryl and I had lunch a week ago to celebrate her birthday, and SHE brought ME a present:


So CUTE!!  He even has “bolts”.

This is a simple project that can be adapted to any season, decor or other whim – check HERE for instructions!

But what you really have to see is what happened after lunch.  Cheryl was all ready to bring her Big Shot into the restaurant because she wanted me to help her figure out a technique, but we decided our waiter wasn’t exactly the paper-crafting type and that we’d better try it in the parking lot.  Little did I know that she was ready to rock and roll:

Cheryl's Mobile Big Shot

Who else do you know that carries a folding table in the back of her van WITH her Big Shot?  There we were, crafting away in the parking lot.

Cheryl with the Mobile Big Shot

Honestly, you’ve got your Food Trucks, how about Big Shot Minivans?  I see a new business opportunity!

2 thoughts on “Frankensniffles

  1. Frankensniffles!! I love it! Yes, I might have to research this business opportunity…Have Stamp Will Travel. Look for my minivan set up along Kahului Beach Road by the lunchwagons. Stampin’ on the Go!! Woohoo!!!


  2. You girls are a real hoot, and cute to boot! Such beautiful cards and cute paper crafts. What color is that van? I’ll be watchin’ the roadside. 😉


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