A little forest of pennant trees

You can hardly see the forest for the trees:

Cheryl's Pennant Tree bag

These little pennants make such cheerful little trees.  I may or may not have indulged myself in a rant about triangles and my inability to make them look right.  It always seems like one side is a little off – so I trim it – and then the other side is off!  It’s geometry.  Some have it, some don’t.  I know a triangle when I see one, I’m just not very good at cutting one.

But honey, I can punch ’em out like nobody’s business!  (The more I blog, the more I realize that I posess a ridiculous number of inane and somewhat meaningless expressions.  I make no excuses.)  I love punching these pennants and finding fun things to do with them.

And check out that little spotty dotty tag:

Polka dot gift bag tag

As a matter of fact, I need a few more tags and I am going to go punch out a bunch of these.  Right after I finish my pie.  Because I must admit, I make a fabulous pumpkin pie.

Merry Christmas.

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