Don’t know who Eleanor is, but I like her!

I’ll tell you about Eleanor in a moment.

Yesterday morning while on my favorite walk, I spotted a new family.  It was a mother Francolin with her flock of babies, and judging by their size they are fresh out of the shell.  She was only 7 or 8 feet from the walkway that runs between the edge of the resort and the landscaping that keeps unsuspecting tourists from plunging down the rough lava rock to the coastline below, and she was making those “tsk tsk” noises that all mothers make when their assorted offspring start wandering off.

Mama Francoiin and her babies

By my count there are five, including one who doesn’t want to stay with the group.  (This isn’t the best photo I’ve ever taken as I had only my phone camera with me.)   I was a little surprised to see mom on her own with the brood, as Francolins generally travel in pairs or even trios.  However, once I resumed walking and got on the other side of the low vegetation you see here, I spotted dad watching vigilantly – and he spotted me.  He immediately gave the warning and the whole family tucked quickly into the landscaping.  I’ll be watching for them all week.

Now…on to Eleanor.  She came home from San Antonio with me.  She’s due to be released with the new catalog on June 1, but leadership attendees were given the chance to get to know her a little bit early.  Since she hasn’t been formally introduced I’m not allowed to show you a picture of her, but I am free to share projects I make using Everything Eleanor:

Everything Eleanor Vanilla Petite Pocket

SOMEONE (not me!) has been pinning a LOT of vintage projects on Pinterest lately, and you can see the results.  This is the Petite Pocket Bigz XL die, and as of this exact moment it is not in my Big Shot Stable – but I’m going to fix that.

Everything Eleanor Petite Pocket Crumb

I think I like the Crumb Cake version better, although I’m still not sure about that torn Soft Suede cardstock behind the flower image.   Eleanor is easy to please though – she doesn’t mind it either way.

The new catalog is coming a month early this year – don’t be caught by surprise.  Let me know if you’d like a copy.

4 thoughts on “Don’t know who Eleanor is, but I like her!

  1. Anne, ok, I’m not sure which I prefer, the cards or the pictures of the birds…. it’s a close tie… Thank you for sharing your creativity and the baby birds….. When we stayed at the Maui Eldorado, a family would come out and run up the side of the hill….. such a special time….


    1. I KNOW! I just love to watch them…but I have to confess that they are early risers and they are VERY noisy! Still, those tiny chicks are about as cute as it comes!

      Let me know when you are coming back to Maui!


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