Scrappin’ Inspiration

I am…inspired to scrap!  Convention is a great place for new ideas and I saw TONS of great scrapbook pages.

One of the projects on my List (admit it, you have one too) is a family history scrapbook.  I loved the combintation of sepia and pink to create this vintage but feminine page.

This has a completely different feeling, but it still has a family archive/vintage feeling.  The buttons holding the banner are a perfect touch.

This is so well done for a baby – sweet but not too sweet!  Easy to adapt to any age – and look at those birds on the wire!  Ah, birds…

I’ve never used this layout – 2/3 photo, 1/3 embellishment and journaling – but it’s bold without having to rely on graphics.  This one is very soft despite the strong block layout.

Inspired to scrap?  I am!


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