Beautiful AND useful? A double win

Cheryl made these beautiful hangers for a gift exchange that didn’t happen, and I  happened to be in the right place at the right time:

Maui Stamper Deck the Halls with Beautiful Hangers

Aren’t they gorgeous?  I haven’t decided what outfit is worthy of these fabulous, cushy hangers – lovingly hand-made!  (My floor looks pretty good too – I made sure it was clean before I put them down.)

Cheryl stamped a gorgeous bag for the gift exchange:

Maui Stamper Flower bag

I love how she used Soft Suede and Regal Rose with the Watercolor Winter stamp set, but I pointed out to her that I am NOT naughty.  At least, not most of the time.

Look at the detail on these hangers:

Maui Stamper hand made embellished clothes hanger

It takes a lot of patience to thread that Scalloped Polka Dot ribbon through button holes!!

Maui Stamper hand made embellished clothes hanger

There’s a Spring Catalog sneak peak on this one – that big beautiful flower embellishment will be available as part of a special Artisan’s Embellishment package.  My customers should be receiving their Spring Catalog in the mail any day now – don’t mix it up with yet another Christmas catalog!

Thanks, Cheryl – I love these!!

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