April Farewells

In April, we usually bid farewell to the humpback whales that spend the winter off our islands.  I say usually because their arrival and departures are guided by their own internal clocks rather than the calendar.

It’s hard for me to describe the thrill I feel watching whales in our waters.  They’re huge – the size of a school bus – and yet they can launch almost their entire bodies out of the water to create a spectacular crashing splash.  Naturalists believe that there are a lot of reasons for that behavior, including the simple desire for fun.  It’s always a joy when the first sighting is reported, and as the sightings become fewer and farther apart there’s a sense of sad farewell.

Maui Stamper April 2013 calendar

  • Oh Whale stamp set
  • Bashful Blue and Wild Wasabi FFIP
  • Happy Whale Clearlits die
  • Rhinestone jewels

I suppose I could have hand-trimmed the whale image, but why would I do that when there’s a Clearlit that will save me the trouble?

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