This Turkey is a Ding Dong!

Robbie made turkeys for Hostess Club this month:

Maui Stamper Thanksgiving Turkey Punch ArtHilarious, isn’t it?  We always have a great time at club – honestly, there’s so much laughing and teasing that I’m always amazed we get the projects done.  If we’d done this one we would still be sitting at my dining table on Thanksgiving morning!

Maui Stamper Thanksgiving Turkey Punch ArtRobbie made these quite generously sized, because this turkey had a special cargo:

Maui Stamper Thanksgiving Turkey Punch ArtI know you won’t believe me when I tell you this, but that Ding Dong is still stuffed in my turkey, all wrapped up.

Maui Stamper Thanksgiving TreatsI can’t say the same for the Hershey Nuggets Robbie slipped me 🙂

I have a fun story to share.  A couple of years ago, I read a comment on one of my posts from someone living near the University of Notre Dame where my son had just started college.  Mary and I started a correspondence, and this year when Mr. Maui Stamper and I made plans to go to the ND – Navy game, Mary and I made plans to meet face to face.

We worked out a schedule and she picked me up on Saturday morning for coffee.  Honestly, we had planned a quick 30 minute “hello” and after 2 hours we were still talking as fast as we could!  What a warm, wonderful person Mary is, and if you are lucky enough to live in Mishawaka, you  might know that too.  I’m just thrilled that I remembered to snap a quick photo:

Anne and Mary, Game DayHave you ever seen such adorable football fans?  We could have talked all day – except of course that I had a date with my boys for the game.  Mary Travis, I loved meeting you in person, and I hope you’ll come to Maui so we can continue the conversation.

One thought on “This Turkey is a Ding Dong!

  1. Anne, I had a great time meeting you also! We will be in Maui 2015. I’ll keep you posted. Sorry it took me so long to reply-I’ve had computer issues. And by the way, the Macadamia nuts were to die for! Thanks so much, Anne. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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