Bloomin’ June

Although parts of the country were extremely dry this year, we had more rain than usual on the Valley Isle.  As a result, it seems that anything that could bloom is blooming.  That includes my June calendar:

Maui Stamper 2014 DIY Easel Calendar JuneI’ve been slightly obsessed with birds recently.  This one is looking for a little snack beneath the flower bed.

Maui Stamper 2014 DIY Easel Calendar JuneI used Petite Petals and Everything Eleanor for this calendar page, and did a little bit of masking to create some dimension amongst the flowers.  These calendars are fun precisely because the area to embellish is small, and it’s more of a challenge than you might think to get the image balance right.  A little sparkle makes it all work out…

Maui Stamper 2014 DIY Easel Calendar JuneYou may be wondering where I’ve been…it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  My family is literally spread across the world from Western Australia to Boston, Massachusetts.  Mr. Maui Stamper and I  got it into our heads that we should have a reunion, and that a nice middle spot would be in England.  We had a fabulous time with the family, including loads of sight-seeing, great food, and of course photos.  My son was tremendously amused when I tried to take a selfie with the Tower Bridge in the background, and once he started taking pictures of me taking pictures of myself…well, it was pretty hopeless:

Maui Stamper Tower Bridge Selfies

At least I ended up with a photo – or three – of myself with the Tower Bridge in the background.

There are three of us posting these little calendar pages today – take a look and see what Cheryl and Crystal have done with their calendars this month.  I’m pretty sure they’re not posting selfies.


4 thoughts on “Bloomin’ June

  1. I hope you post more pictures of your trip. Love seeing them! I also love the new catalog-thanks so much. Terry is back in China again. 6 weeks ago when he was there, he finally made it to The Great Wall. You’ll be seeing an order from me soon.


  2. I finally made a card in the box. It’s a birthday card for my granddaughter who will turn 6. I posted it on my Facebook page. Not very good at this tech stuff.


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