RemARKable Summer Fun


It’s PINWORTHY Blog Tour time and this month we’re celebrating Summer Fun!

Maui Stamper Summer Fun RemARKable Pinworthy Blog TourHere in Sunny South Maui, Summer Fun usually means something cool and refreshing to drink – but when you’re outside, sometimes there are unwelcome guests.  No, not THOSE guests – I’m talkin’ about BUGS.  And let me tell you, in Hawaii, we know about bugs.

Maui Stamper Summer Fun RemARKable Pinworthy Blog TourHere’s a festive way to keep bugs from sharing your drink – or taking a swim!  Tea Lace Paper Doilies fit perfectly over small canning jars, and a little bit of Baker’s Twine keeps them in place.  Add a little embellishment to the top and a label on the side and you’re ready to party!

Maui Stamper Summer Fun RemARKable Pinworthy Blog TourOr maybe it’s just for you…to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.  Just be careful with glass by the pool!

Your next stop on the tour is Audra Monk’s Crafty Yogi blog – enjoy!

RemARKable PINworthy Blog Tour 2014Here’s the final lineup if you’d like to visit to your own drummer:

Nancy Amato –

Missy Bolinger –

Tamra Davis –

Connie Deibler –

Sherrie Eddleblute –

Anne Matasci –

Audra Monk -

Maria Pane -

Andi Potler –

Michele Reynolds –

Pam Staples –

Janet Wakeland  –

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