Inspire.Create.Share.2015 – the Anticipation

We’re here and we are ready to rummmmbllle!!


My companion and I are settled into our hotel – if you know the person I am traveling with, please don’t mention the name – there’s a little witness-protection-program-action going on.  Message me if you absolutely have to know the details!  But we began the day with a favorite routine:

Maui Stamper Convention Anticipation Birkenstock SistersWe wear the same size Birks and we favor the same style.  And we each got a new pair this summer!

We did a little shopping (ok, we did some shopping) and were ready for lunch.  Lunch at the Wasatch Brewery was delicious but it was this brownie – made with Polygamy Porter (and yes, it’s a thing) – that was the highlight of the meal.

Maui Stamper Convention Anticipation Polygamy Porter BrownieWe’d been given some shopping tips and decided we would do some walking.  Big dark clouds threatened our new Birks, but we managed to avoid the worst of it.  This was the first time we’ve ventured out to Sugarhouse, and we loved the neighborhood.  Charming architecture, shady streets, and lots of cute shops and restaurants.  We were pretty sure we’d walked off that brownie, so we grabbed an Uber to our favorite restaurant:

Maui Stamper Convention Anticipation Red IguanaWe were willing to eat at the counter and were seated within 10 minutes – a Red Iguana Record!  Amazing food and drink as always.  (Are you noticing a theme to the day?)

We got back to the hotel and hustled over to a RemARKable Stampers event.  We arrived in time for a little socializing and some swapping, but failed to take any photos.  Our stamping relationships live in the virtual world for most of the year, so when we get to see each other in real life it’s a special thing!

Maui Stamper Convention Anticipation FitbitPretty good, considering we had 2 Uber rides in there!

Our swaps and bag vouchers are laid out and we are ready for an early start tomorrow!

One thought on “Inspire.Create.Share.2015 – the Anticipation

  1. You two did some serious walking, and it’s a good thing, considering all the great food! Pat & I lived in Sugarhouse when we were first married! Cute area! Can’t wait to see more! Have a blast!


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