Inspire.Create.Share.2015 – Day Three

I fully intended to post this Saturday evening after our closing session and the afternoon Leadership training, but Matt’s surprise arrival meant a change in plans – I’m hoping you’ll understand!

The home office staff was AMAZING. They shared lots of new product including tips and tricks so that we would be prepared for YOU. These cards are all made from two coordinating bundles that span all the winter holidays, and I see tons of potential for creative exploration. 


There’s a strong trend towards products that have long term use – this wreath kit (and it is beautiful!!) has Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas embellishments that are interchangeable. 

 Our  last session of the day featured new products and some alternative ways to use them beyond the holidays. Shannon West always has very creative ideas!
And this is our new, large pillow box frame lit!  It’s BIG, my friends. We are going to have fun with this!

Pam Morgan really spoke to my sense of humor looking for ways to use these antlers. 

I had certainly planned to attend the Leadership enrichment scheduled for Saturday afternoon but when a chance like this comes up there’s no question about changing plans!  I took Matt to Red Iguana. We missed a bunch of the Maui Stampers there – you know who you are!

Then it was out to the great Salt Lake to put our feet into the brine. 

We took a little road trip to Antelope Island where we spotted these buffalo, some deer and antelope, lots of birds, and even some stink bugs (hey, we don’t have those on Maui!). 

  We also took a hike, although the trail was poorly marked and we ended up enjoying more of a cross-country ramble. Kinda 4 wheel drive style. 

Our final stop on the island was Buffalo Point for the sunset. 

Thanks, Matt, for a fabulous surprise!  And to all you crafters out there, stay tuned – I’m currently sitting in San Francisco waiting for a delayed plane, but I’ll be home soon!

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