Happy Girls Day!

In Hawaii, we celebrate Hinamatsuri, or Girls Day.  How adorable are these little “paper dolls” made with the Curvy Keepsake box?

Maui Stamper Curvy Keepsake Hinamatsuri

I didn’t make these – this is in the hands of the lovely creator, Yvette.  Yesterday I walked into my tax appointment and she was sitting at her desk with a big smile.  You need to know how much I dread doing taxes – I tell the CPA “I make things, I don’t count things.”  Knowing that Yvette is there always makes it a little easier.  And when she reached behind her to show me the tray of these little gems, it made things a lot easier.

Maui Stamper Curvy Keepsake Hinamatsuri

I don’t have all the details, but she did say that she cut two Curvy Keepsake pieces in black and then just the front piece in white and glued it on.  She also said she had a teeny craft-meltdown making the faces, but Loretta came to her rescue (that’s what friends are for!)  And finally, the “chopsticks” in her “hair” are white sticks for lollipops rolled in the ink pad – she wore gloves!

Twenty-something little kindergarteners are going to receive an adorable Girls Day gift!  Thanks for sharing, Yvette!

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