Sharing a few new shades of green

Stampin’ Up! has beautiful shades of green, but I’ve just returned from a trip that took my appreciation of the color to new levels.

Maui Stamper Greens of Ireland

Mr. Maui Stamper and I traveled through Ireland for 2 weeks with our family.  It was GLORIOUS.  The wildflowers were in bloom everywhere, and many days we even got a bit of blue sky.

Maui Stamper Greens of Ireland

There are swans on this estuary where we stayed, and we loved watching them float gracefully on the water.  We learned to appreciate those moments of sunshine!

Maui Stamper Greens of Ireland

Even on a grey day, the greens still dominated.  One of the images I couldn’t seem to capture was the expanse of green pasture, divided by long stone walls and dotted with cattle, sheep or horses.  This was as close as I got – my son was convinced this was simply a way of keeping people out of the field, but it worked for me!

Maui Stamper Greens of Ireland

Water – streams, lakes, estuaries, oceans, and rain – is a constant presence, and it feeds all that beautiful green.  We were amazed at how plants large and small could gain a purchase in what seemed to be solid stone.

Maui Stamper Greens of Ireland

There’s a meadow growing on the top of this structure!  Buildings, walls, stone – it seemed something could always find a way to root.

Maui Stamper Greens of Ireland

We passed this fellow looking for a meal as we walked to Charles Fort outside of Kinsale.  On our return, the tide had completely withdrawn and there was nothing but mud.

Since I was away from home nearly the entire month of May, I chose not to place a pre-order from the new catalog.  My first order from the 2016-2017 Annual Catalog has shipped and I can’t wait to get my hands on new things to share with you!

I’m sure I’ll be crafting in green.

One thought on “Sharing a few new shades of green

  1. Oh, Anne!! These pictures are beautiful😌. Green is my favorite color. Can’t wait to see what you create with your new goodies. Welcome home!


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