Meet Bella

Pookie – Captain Stupidhead – was supposed to be The Last Cat.  If I said it once I said it a bajillion times. But somehow when my son was home for a few months last fall he persuaded us to visit the Maui Humane Society. I’m still wondering how it all happened, but the fact is, Bella is here to stay:

Maui Stamper Meet Bella

It is really, REALLY hard to get a decent photograph of a black cat, especially one that is almost never still.  And when she is still, she is plotting something –  pouncing on your foot, planning an attack, stealing something off the stamp desk, drowning a catnip mousie in her water bowl. She can be an absolute pain in the…neck.

Maui Stamper Meet Bella

But she’s also a very social cat, and she likes to hang around even if you’re doing something really boring. Move from one room to the next, and she’ll soon come around the corner. Forget to feed her, or fail to notice that she’s decided she’s hungry, and she’ll be relentless with her complaints and little snagging paws.

Maui Stamper Meet Bella

Bella is still a kitten, and she does some pretty dopey kitten things. This is a little nook in the kitchen where we stash old newspapers before recycling, and she decided it was a good spot for a nap. She’s asleep in there. Seriously. Look at those legs.

Maui Stamper Meet Bella

Speaking of legs, she’s also a bit of a kluge, and regularly falls off things. Maybe it’s poor balance, maybe it’s just not knowing where her body is, but there’s a lot of thumping and crashing in the Bella Universe.  She sounds (and from the rear, looks) like a bowling ball when she goes down the stairs. (By the way, this is MY chair.)

Maui Stamper Meet Bella

Her favorite toy is something called Da Bird, a gift from Sara. It requires a willing fool with an opposable thumb to keep it moving. She will play FOREVER with it and is never still long enough to be more than a blur in a photo. However, watching the lizards on the lanai – through the door –  is a close second. I’m pretty sure she’s going to give herself an NFL-sized concussion one of these days trying to get through that glass door.

Maui Stamper Meet Bella

What she really loves is to be in the way. Trying to get something done? She’ll hop up behind you in the chair and weasel around to your lap. Walking from one room to the next? Bella will scoot in front of your feet and get them all tangled up, leaving you shouting and stumbling to keep from falling on your face. Putting on shoes? Forget tying those laces – they’re her personal playthings.

And don’t get me started on Bella and ink. She wants to be in the middle of everything, including ink pads. She would be Bella of the Technicolor Coat if she were anything but a black kitten.

Maui Stamper Meet Bella

Did you want to sit here?

Maui Stampere Meet Bella

Things will never be the same.

I think we’ll adjust.

By the way, the Maui Humane Society does WONDERFUL work, including their innovative Wings of Aloha program. Please consider supporting them – we do!

8 thoughts on “Meet Bella

  1. Hello Bella. Those are the most adorable pictures I have seen! Looks like you have settled in well In your new home. We have a rescue dog called Bella and a rescue cat called Whiskers…they are best Buds. Thanks for sharing Judy

    Judy Dunn Designer Origami Owl 480-248-5626

    Demonstrator-Stampin up



    1. Aww, thanks, Judy. As I said, taking pictures of Bella is tough considering how fast she moves and the issue with light balance, but I am persistent! Rescue pets are the best pets.


  2. I thought it was a new stamp set! Silly me🤓. Then I saw the pics. She is adorable! I’m sure she will bring any postable moments and lots of laughs. Welcome Bella to the Stamper household!


  3. As the ‘mother’ of a black feline named Jasper, I feel your photographing pain. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about life with Bella, and do think you’ve managed some great photos.


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