2020 DIY Calendar is READY

2020 DIY Calendar Template

I’m delighted to announce – for all you get-it-done-early crafters – that the 2020 DIY Calendar template is ready for purchase! I’ve had a number of requests to advance the availability of the template, and I’m quite pleased to be able to oblige. The cost is still just $5. Are you ready to get crafty?

And just a note…I depend on your integrity with this purchase. It’s easy enough to share the file with a friend, so what’s the harm done? Well, the harm is that I’m a small business, and those shared files add up. I truly appreciate you sharing my contact information with your friends and fellow crafters, and I’m grateful for your support.

10 thoughts on “2020 DIY Calendar is READY

    1. It’s 3 1/2 inches square. I don’t have it set up to download, but will email the pdf as soon as I receive payment. If you’re interested, you can dm your contact information and I’ll send you the invoice. Thanks for asking!


  1. yes Anne I am interested in the calendars for 2020 please send me a invoice so that I may purchase the template –Thanks for offering them to us you are so creative!!


  2. Just a question, I haven’t tried. Is this calendar editable for color, font, etc.?

    Your answer will save me a lot of experimenting with the template I purchased. Thank You!


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