RemARKable Memories

My favorite way to preserve memories is with photos – just ask my family!

Maui Stamper Hello Life RemARKable Blog TourI began with the Hello Life Project kit (#137949 $24.95), but chose to change it up with my own color palette.  Most of my accents are Bermuda Bay, with a little bit of Pool Party thrown in.

Maui Stamper Hello Life RemARKable Blog TourI used the On Film framelits (#132969 $29.95) to create an additional photo mat – it’s a bit larger than the ones provided but coordinates perfectly.  I also chose to make a tassel instead of pom-poms using the Pool Party Bakers Twine available in the Occasions catalog.  The technique is the same, but you only cut one end of the looped twine, and you tie off directly underneath the end that remains looped.  I used thin white Bakers Twine to tie off the tassel and wrapped Bermuda Bay 1/8″ taffeta ribbon over that, securing with a glue dot.

Maui Stamper Hello Life RemARKable Blog TourI punched some flowers to create a blossom at the end of the banner, and added stamped images from the coordinating Hello Life stamp set (#137136 $24.95).

Maui Stamper Hello Life RemARKable Blog TourI stacked banner pieces from the kit and pinned them on with the clothes pins which were included.  Everything on the frame can be moved, allowing maximum flexibility as I have new photos to enjoy, and I have heaps of pieces left over for additional embellishments and projects.

Maui Stamper Hello Life RemARKable Blog TourThis was an AMAZING tip we learned from Carrie Cudney at convention last summer!  Line up your self-adhesive stickers on a window sheet…

Maui Stamper Hello Life RemARKable Blog TourPlace them where you want them, press down the exposed top half to secure, and gently remove the window sheet to press them in place in a gloriously straight line!!

Maui Stamper Hello Life RemARKable Blog TourCrystal and I worked on these together, and as you can see, the same kit in two different sets of hands can turn out as two completely unique projects.

Maui Stamper Hello Life RemARKable Blog TourShe made flowers too, and hung them from our gorgeous new White Jute.

Maui Stamper Hello Life RemARKable Blog TourIt would even be possible to just FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS and make the kit exactly as it was produced!  Just print some photos – you know you have them stored on your phone, your hard drive, discs, wherever – and get them in front of your eyes!

Click below to be inspired by Audra Monk.  Links for the entire tour at are the bottom of the post.

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Memories, old and new

I’m spending a few days with my parents in Santa Barbara before heading over to Salt Lake City for Inspire.Create.Share, the 2014 Stampin’ Up! convention.  It’s been a great visit, starting with lunch at the Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company with my dad:

Maui Stamper with Dad I had the Danish Red along with a Farro & Arugula salad and both were delicious – but not as delicious as the time we spent together!

Day Two the first order of business was Girl Time:

Maui Stamper Girl Time PedicuresMy mom, my sister and I went to Magic Nail for wonderful pedis.  I almost got the same color they chose, but at the last minute Ampara convinced me to go with the blue.  I thought it would be too light on my toes but she (as always) knew what she was talking about!

That afternoon we headed down towards East Beach for the Maritime Museum annual Cardboard Canoe races.  My parents told me they never miss them because the entertainment is so hilarious.  No kidding.  The teams get two sheets of cardboard, a yardstick, a box cutter and some duct tape, plus an hour or so of design/build time.  The first two rounds were the kids’ divisions, and the last round was “grownups”.  Seriously, you have to put that word in quotes in this case.  They line up on the beach:

Maui Stamper Cardboard Canoe Races East Beach Santa BarbaraHere we have your basic box lined up next to a Viking Dragon boat.  You get the idea.  I wish I would have take a video of the race to the water, as that box in the foreground got hung up in the yellow starting line rope and the 1912 Box ‘o Bolts got their paddle kicked away by a bystander.  The distance to the buoy isn’t far, and what you need are mad paddling skills to get out and back before you sink.  Trust me, my parents were right – it was hilarious!

On Sunday I met up with one of my besties from 6th grade.  We have a lot of shared stories and memories between us!  I think there might have been a few ghosts of Puppy-Love-Past following us around, too.   (wink!)   Needless to say, we had a wonderful couple of hours together:

Maui Stamper and 6th Grade BestieAmazing how the time has flown by.  This was a sweet visit, and tomorrow I’ll be on the early bus to LAX.  I’ll be in Salt Lake just after lunchtime with Cheryl and it will be full steam ahead from there on out!  I’ll do my best to share what I can, but the best place to find up-to-the-minute posts is on my Maui Stamper Facebook page – click Like to see updates, but remember that Facebook has a “use it or lose it” kind of algorithm – if you don’t interact with the page from time to time by commenting or liking, you’ll stop seeing the updates.

See you all in Salt Lake!