My creative friend Cheryl

My dear friend who lived 5 minutes from my house moved almost an hour across the island (I KNOW!  You practically have to drive all the way around the island to go that far!!).  It was a huge effort – the house she bought Needed Work.  I helped her some, but mostly provided moral support.

A couple of days ago her thank-you card arrived in the mail:

Cheryl's New House

You would have to see her house to know how absolutely perfect this is.  It’s such a creative card, with the roof cut out of the card front.  The front door even opens – see?

Lookin' in the front door at Cheryl's

The best part is that she didn’t use DSP inside the door…she used a leftover scrap of the shelf paper I put on every single shelf and drawer in her kitchen.  Yes, I noticed right away!!  I’ll tell you, I know that paper well.  I loved that she included it in the card.

I’ve been out to visit…it’s lovely…out in the country…but it’s pretty far away.   I’m not known for my love of driving, but I’ll be making an exception for Cheryl.


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