Stepping up to a challenge

I signed up for a “Wow” swap.  I should have known better.  A swap like that causes me to pull out all of the stops.  I drive myself crazy coming up with an idea, and then spend hours putting it together because in my wisdom I decided to cut out a zillion little pieces.  Of course, once I finish I think of dozens of additional little touches I should have added:

Double Pocket swap

I actually did most of the construction for this swap at Boy Scout camp last week.  My son’s troop needed some extra adult supervision during the day, and since they didn’t need me to do anything but be there in case of an emergency, I was pretty free.  I spread out my project on one of the big picnic tables at their campsite and cut, scored, stamped, trimmed and punched the day away.  The boys would come and go between activities and check out my progress.  Some of them were curious and a couple seemed entertained by this mom working away in their camp.  The site was so beautiful – and peaceful as long as they were away – that I really enjoyed myself.

Here’s another look at the card:

Double Pocket Swap opened

There’s a tutorial for this card at Splitcoast Stampers under Resources – look for the Diagonal Double Pocket card.


One thought on “Stepping up to a challenge

  1. Great job on your swap! Love your colors! I’ve been wanting to try that diagonal double pocket card and now you’ve convinced me to! I used to teach stamping at our church’s summer youth camps – both middle and high school! The kids absolutely loved it and I often had more guys than girls! Even our pastors would come by and make cards for their wives! It was great! So I love the idea of you working on these at Boy Scout Camp – maybe you could teach a class for them! Thanks for sharing with us! Amy


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