Stampin’ Hats

Stampers do some pretty crazy things to find each other in the crowd. After a couple of days I started taking photos of the interesting hats I saw. I’m not sure I would wear one myself, but they were a great source of entertainment! I know I didn’t get them all, but the ones I was able to photograph were priceless:

The Bize Bees
Not sure who this group was, but there were a lot of them!
This woman told us her hat had been to 12 conventions with her

One thought on “Stampin’ Hats

  1. The green hats were the ImPeckable Stampers….Kim Peck, Advisory Board 2008-09 and 2009-10. It’s the only way to find one another across crowded rooms (22 attending this year). The picture is of Cathy Roy with flowers on her hat from our Flower Power Swap.


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