Stampin’ Hats

Stampers do some pretty crazy things to find each other in the crowd. After a couple of days I started taking photos of the interesting hats I saw. I’m not sure I would wear one myself, but they were a great source of entertainment! I know I didn’t get them all, but the ones I … More Stampin’ Hats

This takes the cake

7/24/10   ETA:  The artist is Elizabeth Price from San Jose, CA.  Well done, Elizabeth! It’s late here in Salt Lake and although I’ve had a fabulous time I need some sleep,  I’ve downloaded some of the photos from my point-and-shoot.  They won’t win any Fabulous Photographer prizes but they’re better than the phone pix.  The … More This takes the cake

A Little More Amazingness

I had a chance to see some of the Artisan Award winners work today and sharing the photos with your understanding that I’m using a camera phone to facilitate the upload. What that means is that the quality is, well, camera phone quality, ok? I thought you might forgive me.

Amazing Inspiration

Don’t know how but I think I just deleted my last convention post. If you saw something different a while ago you’re not crazy! We are having a great time. The day is full of fun, learning and inspiration. There are so many things to tell but I have just a couple of minutes to … More Amazing Inspiration