Not quite the finish we expected

Our 4am wake-up call wasn’t pretty but we were on time for the shuttle to the airport. Our flight from Salt Lake into Seattle arrived a few minutes early and we were pretty pleased with ourselves until I picked up my voicemail.

Our flight into Maui was delayed in spectacular fashion. Our 10:50am departure was now scheduled for 4:50pm.

Can you say “ugh” with me?

We were given breakfast vouchers with a promise of more towards lunch. We “shopped” in the airport – Seattle actually has a pretty nice retail environment – and then headed to the gate. We’ve been sitting here for a couple of hours trying to be productive.

I can hardly wait to get on the plane for 5 hours. Wish I had some paper, ink and stamps. Oh! I do have stamps. I would never check my new sets from convention. They’re in my carry-on. Let’s see…catsup, mustard and shoyu…what do you think of those new “In Colors”?

4 thoughts on “Not quite the finish we expected

  1. My heart goes out to you on your delay — no fun!…but I wanted to thank you so very much for sharing some of your wonderful convention adventures AND projects with us. You must have been so inspired — and that’s just what you give us through your blog! It’s a lot of work to keep a blog going strong, and your readers appreciate it greatly!


  2. bless your heart, what a way to end the convention but I can tell you had a wonderful time…. Thanks for sharing all the pics that you provided us with.

    And I really like those new in colors…..LOL


  3. OK, that went way too fast, and Iwasn’t even the one having all the fun!! Sorry your delayed. Been there, done that(with a help of a couple of margheritas!ssshhh)Can’t wait till you & Robbie get home and settled so you can share your new found enthusiasm. Aloha!


  4. The new “in” colors sound “delicious and you could always use a newspaper for card stock…..think of the possibilities! lol Sorry for your delay – hope you did finally have a safe flight! Thanks for sharing so much with us and we’ll be excited about hearing more in the coming days – after you wake up from your much deserved nap!
    Hugs, Amy =D


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