An un-tutorial on the Matchbook Style Sticky Note holder

I’ve had a couple of requests for more detail on some projects in the past few days.  I have to be honest – I don’t see tutorials in my future.  I don’t really have the patience to set it all up, and especially to do video.  Ugh.  That means a script, and lighting, and maybe editing, and — aaarrrgg! — a manicure.  I don’t think so.

But when someone asks so nicely and tells me how much they love my blog, how can I say no?  (PLEASE do not test me on this.  Ask my kids:  I am capable of saying no.)  Here are a few photos and some dimensions for the matchbook style sticky note holder:

Matchbook style Sticky Note open

Here’s the basic folder.  The cardstock is cut to 7  7/8″ x 3  1/4″ and scored at 1/2″,  1″,  4 1/4″,  and 4 1/2″.  That gives you room for a standard 3×3″ sticky note pad – it’s about 3/8″ thick.  If you’re making these as favors or give-aways you can split the pads in halves or even thirds and adjust the scoring marks accordingly.  (Sorry, I detest fractions – you’ll have to do the math yourself.)

Matchbook style sticky note holder from the side

Here you can see the way the Sticky Notes fit into the cardstock.  The score marks at 1/2″ and 1″ make the base of the matchbook cover.  I’ve used a 1/2″ circle – actually two of them adhered together with Tombo-the-miracle-adhesive – and attached to the center of that first 1/2″ tab with a brad.  I put the brad through the circle in the bottom half to leave enough room to tuck the top flap in.  I tried buttons, which I thought would be cuter, but you couldn’t cheat them to the bottom like that and they didn’t hold the top flap down.

Ta Da!  The Matchbook Sticky Note holder

Here’s the finished Sticky Note holder, all ready to go.  I’m working on my September class and this will be part of it.  Wouldn’t you like to come to Maui to go to this class?  I have room for you…

I need to learn the keyboard shortcut for the “registered trade-mark” symbol – you know, the R with the circle around it.  All this talk about “Sticky Notes” is really annoying.


5 thoughts on “An un-tutorial on the Matchbook Style Sticky Note holder

  1. Thank you SO VERY much for providing this “un-tutorial”!! I was trying to figure out how to make, but was unsuccessful. I didn’t know we could ask you for a tutorial, but I’m glad someone did!! I promise I won’t ask very often either! LOL!


  2. Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial, it is so cute. I will be making these.
    Now I will share with you…
    Making sure to use your numeric keypad, not the numbers on the top of the keyboard. NumLock needs to be ON. Hold down the alt key, type in 0174, then let up on the alt key and the registered trademark symbol will show up. Isn’t that fun.

    Have a great day!


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