The final touch

Last week I packed my overnight bag to go visit my friend Cheryl.  OK, not really…I mean the overnight bag part.  I know I whine about this regularly, but she used to live 5 minutes up the hill and she moved to HAIKU.  Now it’s a 50 minute drive, except last Wednesday I think I made it in 45.  It has to be that I’m getting used to the route because I certainly wouldn’t be driving any faster.

WARNING:  You can’t get this Decor Elements design any more.  It’s gone, done, finito.  This post is to help you visualize how easy it is to put a multi-piece Decor Elements on the wall, but don’t get attached to the image!!!

Cheryl hostessed a workshop last spring with the goal of earning the Level III Decor Elements Hostess gift.   She rustled up orders from I-don’t-know-where and made her goal so that she could have this delightful birdcage image to put in her new entry way.  She bought bird houses and hooks with birds on them and books about birds…you get the idea.  With nearly all the moving boxes emptied and her second daughter securely settled in college, it was time to bring out the Decor Elements Applicators:

The bottom of the stand goes on the wall

We measured carefully and even made our own “plumb bob” to get the stand straight.  When we pulled away the paper and saw the base of the stand on the wall we were thrilled and got right to work with the rest of the stand.

Revealing the happy bird

We were about to put the birdcage on the top of the stand when we realized that the bird needed to go on the wall first so that it would look like it was really inside the cage.   She looked a little funny sitting on the wall floating above the stand, but we weren’t finished with her:

The bird cage

The cage had the most elaborate lines and we were very careful to burnish them all thoroughly before we placed it on the wall.  Our diligence made the birdcage go up very easily.

The bird cage is almost done!

As Cheryl peeled back the application sheet we were thrilled to see our careful measurements paid off.  The bird was lined up perfectly in the cage, and the cage was centered on top of the stand.  We thought it looked so cool!!

Ta Da!!  The final result

The final result – I wish you could see the rest of the room.  There will be a vase to the left of the bird cage in the corner of the entry, and there’s a gorgeous bench with storage baskets underneath it to the right, and there are birds and birdcages everywhere.  If you look very closely in the bottom of the photo you can see our very sophisticated plumb bob – we tied some ribbon to a punch and let it hang to determine a straight line for placing the stand on the wall.  I’d say we did a good job!


2 thoughts on “The final touch

  1. Yahoo! I love my birdcage!! Thanks so much, Anne. PS, next time you come over I’m putting on make-up & doing my hair…didn’t know I was going to be posted on the internet!


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