Grey skies and happy Santas

Well didn’t I just push my luck?

No rain at my house today, but plenty of grey skies.  Other parts of Kihei weren’t as lucky as the front page of the Maui News reports, but by any account it’s not much of a beach day.  Just as well…I have lots of loose ends to pick up here.

I had good intentions of sharing this project with you last week, but perhaps you’re one of those “head start on next year” people and this is just the inspiration you need:

Kellie made these happy Santas and brought them over for me to put up.  They look really cute above the door into my kitchen, but if I took a photograph of them that included the door you wouldn’t be able to see their happy faces very well at all.  You WOULD see my dirty kitchen floor, however, and that is so not going to happen!

I know Kellie CASE-d these from someone online, and I know she checks my posts from time to time – so Kellie, will you please add a comment with the name of the creator of this project?  How’s that for lazy – I could just call her!  But Kellie’s oldest is home from college, and my middle daughter is home too, so all the happy mamas are keeping out of each other’s hair for now.  Later in January when all our young academics return to school we’ll get together with photos, stories and hankies and share our memories of good times.

Carpe diem.

One thought on “Grey skies and happy Santas

  1. Hi Anne, thank you so much for posting the santas that I made for you! It was such a fun project to make and is even cuter in person! I cased this from Dannies’ Designs blog at:

    She said she had cased it from Donna. I could not find a link to her, sorry! Hope this helps, and works!


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