One last look

Who doesn’t love to get a Christmas card?  I enjoy them all – store bought, hand-made, with or without letters and photos.  When the first one arrives (usually just after Thanksgiving) I make a mental note to bump the process up on my To Do List.  (List does not accurately describe this document, but that’s a topic for another day.)  Christmas cards are on my mind earlier and earlier each just simply because of the logistics involved in getting everyone together in the same place at the same time…and all in the mood to have a photo taken.  Do you all have families like this?  Next year I’m doing a card in My Digital Studio where I can create my own photo collage and enbellish it.

I have a few cards that I’d like to share with you just because they are hand-made.  It is a special pleasure for me to see that A4 envelope in the mail and know someone has made a card just for me.  Look at these:

Don’t you love these colors?  I was a Color Consultant for this card so I’m particularly happy to have received one of the finished product.

I LOVE the Seam Binding ribbon on this card, particularly because it flattens completely and doesn’t create any USPS mailing issues.

This was a complete surprise, received from a friend I initially met online.  She put so much work into this card – texture from the Big Shot, gold embossing, and hand coloring – a real work of love.

How could you possibly feel Grinchy if you got this card in the mail?  Everything about it is indeed Very Merry.

The combination of these fresh greens and the soft leaves give this card a peaceful feeling that I find really appealing this time of year.  I think I’ve run too many errands, wrapped too many packages, and perhaps eaten a few Christmas cookies too many.

Happy Fourth day of Christmas – Four Calling Birds!!

2 thoughts on “One last look

  1. Hi Anne! We were honored to receive one of your beautiful hand stamped cards for Christmas. Looks like you and your family are all thriving in your various *hemispheres*. Thanks for staying in touch. It means a lot to us.


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