Zipping at Piiholo Ranch

A few days ago I mentioned that my family went ziplining at Piiholo Ranch.  Maui is blessed with multiple zipline courses located in different parts of the island, so we like to try them out and compare the zips and the views.  It’s a great activity to do with “grown-up” kids, although taking the whole family does add up!  As my husband says, we don’t really need things anymore – well, except bikes for him and stamps for me.  We’re at the point where experiences and memories are what really count.

If you’ve never ziplined before, Piiholo is a great place to start.  The guides are VERY professional, the equipment is excellent, and while having fun is the first order of the day, safety is paramount.  Besides, you’re ziplining on the slopes of a dormant volcano and the views are gorgeous:


The view from Zip 5

This is the view from the top of the course – the approach to Zip 5.  It was a gorgeous day, and we’ve had loads of rain so everything is lush and green.  Each zip is progressively longer, and this last one is 2800 feet – you zoom along above the valley and  have beautiful views all around you.  Don’t think it looks like much?  Try this:

Piiholo runs two lines side by side, so you can zip with a friend – this is my daughter and her boyfriend.

Yours truly arriving at the bottom of Zip 5.  I’m concentrating on getting my hands back up onto that bar above my head before I hit the brake at the end of the line – it makes a big “CLANG!” and you want to be hanging on.  If there was a photo of me mid-zip, you’d see my mouth wide open either hollering “wooo hooo!!” or yelling “Hey Cow” at the cows grazing on the ranch beyond the valley.  (The cows didn’t look.)

Mr. and Mrs. Maui Stamper in our approved safety gear.  It’s very effective, but not especially fashion forward.

I hope you enjoyed your little bit of Maui today!  We’ll returned to our regularly scheduled program tomorrow 🙂

7 thoughts on “Zipping at Piiholo Ranch

  1. Hey, that looks like fun. I am 72 but maybe I still could do it??? I wished I knew about ziplining when we were there in Sept.


  2. well bless your heart…. you’ve got a ton more nerve than I do….lol. We had the opportunity to do it but I did the Texas 2 step and avoided it….lol. I don’t handle heights well. But thank you for the gorgeous pictures….


  3. I noticed the Notre Dame shirt. We live a couple of miles from the campus. We were in Hawaii last May and loved every minute of it. We did the zipline for the first time and will definitely do it again. I’m green with envy.!!


    1. Ah, South Bend! My oldest daughter graduated from Notre Dame in Chemical Engineering in 2005 (I KNOW. She takes after her dad.). We were fortunate to visit that beautiful campus a number of times, and even more fortunate to have good weather most of the time. She referred to the winter campus as “the Frozen Tundra” but loved her four years there. I hope you’ve had the chance to attend the Hawaii Club Luau presented every spring on campus!


  4. WOW!!! JUST now discovered your blog, Anne…I’m catching up on Christmas mail!

    I never heard of ziplining, but I don’t think it’s for me, tho your photos are fantastic! I think I’ll watch and clap!

    Waiting for you to come out to Boston before Sara graduates…


  5. I am going on a cruise in 2 weeks and we signed up for zip lining in Mexico. I have always wanted to try it but am not very fit. I was wondering if it is hard to hold on that long? Or can you let your hands go? Do you have to be really strong? Thanks for the info. Hope to come to Hi next year on vacation.


  6. Joann, you could ABSOLUTELY do this! You wouldn’t believe how helpful and friendly the staff is at Piiholo Ranch – our family (by family, I mean my husband and I) was definitely at the young end of the age spectrum in our group.

    Cindy, I don’t know what the facilities are like in Mexico, but if they use a harness similar to what Piiholo Ranch uses, you aren’t really “holding on” as much as just doing something with your hands. The equipment keeps you in place even if you were to let go completely. Our guides asked us to put our hands on the bar above our heads as we reached the brake at the end of the line so that we would be positioned correctly to come in. You don’t need to be Superwoman to fly on the zipline!

    Connie, you you might be surprised at how much you would enjoy ziplining – and we do hope to be in Boston within the next year so we’ll be sure and get in touch. So good to hear from you.

    Thanks for all of your comments!


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