Upscale shopping

In January of this year, a law went into effect in Maui County prohibiting the use of plastic bags. You know the ones – they’ve replaced paper bags everywhere.  They’re thin, they’re strong, and they’re easily airborne on the trade winds, meaning they ended up everywhere.  We called them “opala birds”, opala being the Hawai’ian word for trash.  Not only were they an eyesore, but they made it very quickly into the ocean where they could easily be mistaken as food by marine life.

Now we’re all in the habit of carrying re-usable tote bags with us.  I have a cute little rolled-up one that fits in my purse, and there are probably a dozen sturdy bags in the trunk of my car.  Recently, Crystal brought me one that I fell in love with:

Baroque Motif tote bag

Can you say WOW!!?

No drippy groceries in THIS bag.  This is for my upscale shopping – you know, Old Navy, Office Max – clean stuff.  Crystal used our Flourish Decor Stencil (#117581, $9.95) along with some Timeless Portrait fabric  (#122337, $9.95) and Cherry Cobbler 1/2 inch scallop dots ribbon (#124138, $7.95) for this.

Don’t you love the flower?

Timeless Portrait Rosette

She used the Fun Flowers L Bigz die to cut the individual flowers, then made a hole and pulled a knot from the ribbon through.  The woman is a genius – a very generous genius.  I’m lucky she’s my friend!

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