Stampin’ Up! Convention 2012: Wednesday


I’ve been here before, but every time it’s new, exciting, inspiring and FUN.  This year is no different – Crystal and I arrived Tuesday morning on the red eye from Maui.  We were hoping for a nap at our hotel but there wasn’t a room available, so we did what any self-respecting female would do:  We headed over to the new City Creek Mall in downtown Salt Lake City for some retail therapy.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent, but I guarantee you a good time was had by all.  Today was different.  Today was Stampin’ Up! ALL DAY!

How about some photos??  Be kind, please don’t copy and paste as I don’t have my watermark software on my new laptop yet.  You are welcome to link to my blog from yours!

Crystal at the counter full of new stamp sets checking into her very FIRST convention after 7 years as a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator!!! Is she happy or what??
Our new convention bag – and our new convention stamp sets for our Make and Take projects!
The swapping was fast and furious! We were in line for our awards 🙂
After 7 years as a demonstrator, Crystal finally got her “My First Convention” pin!!
Crystal in Memento Mall with a special new toy – I got one too – but you’l have to wait to see it!
One of the display boards at Memento Mall – so many cute things to choose from!!
Our Make-and-Take table all ready for us – it’s so much fun to be the ones who get to sit and play and let someone else do all the planning and preparation!!
Look how nicely our Make and Take table was set up!
All I can say is you need to be here. There’s a lot of time between now and Convention 2013 to prepare, plan and save!! And 2013 will be the 25th Anniversary Convention so you KNOW it’s gonna be awesome!

There are two things in Salt Lake that create adjustment “issues” for me.  One is the very dry air, which makes my hair fly around every which way like a posessed demon.  The second is the fact that we are much farther north of the equator than we are at home, and the sun doesn’t go down until nearly 9pm.  This has caused us to underestimate the time in the afternoon and evening by laughable amounts, and when you are running on no sleep, lots of caffeine and a serious case of the giggles, it’s possible that people might look at you and wonder if you weren’t quite all right.  Not that this happened to Crystal and I, of course.

Anyway, by the time we ate dinner and got into our room last night it was very late.  We got settled and hit the sheets, and despite remaining a bit short on sleep we were up and running first thing this morning to get our new convention bags and hit Memento Mall.  Good stuff, my friends, good stuff!  We spent the afternoon making our Make-and-Takes (Stampin’ Up! has AWESOME projects every year, and this one is no exception).  By 5pm we had socialized and bit and were starving, so we headed out for a bite to eat…but it was quick, because at 7pm we were back for more serious crafting!  That project isn’t completely assembled because it has to get home on the plane first – I’ll show you next week.

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