The Stubborn Stamper

My dad used to call me Hard-Way-Heumphreus (yeah, when I was married 31 years ago it wasn’t hard to give up all those vowels).  When I decide to learn something  new I don’t want to read the book or take the tutorial or even watch the YouTube video all the way through.  Does this create an eensy weensie bit of frustration?  YES.  Does that cause me to change my ways?  Um, no.  I guess I’m a slow learner.

All that is to offer a pitiful explanation regarding my latest absence:  I have been trying to teach myself Photoshop.  Specifically, how to create a watermark in Photoshop Elements 10.  For the Mac.  I kept finding videos that used previous generations of PSE.  I would get to a certain point and get stuck and all the click-alt-commanding in the world wasn’t getting me what I wanted.  And I got cranky…for a little while.

But I have projects to show you and  the stubborn part of me decided that tonight I Would Win.  And I did 🙂

It’s getting late and oh, did I mention I’ve been having a DISCUSSION with Photoshop?? So I’m not going to post the full details, but if you really want them leave me a comment and I’ll fill in the blanks.  This is the Petite Pocket die with the the fabulous Frightening Feline stamp (not at all frightening and only $.8.95!) embossed in Tangerine Tango.

Let me save you a little trouble, too.  The only candy bar I found that fit into the Petite Pocket is the….drumroll please…Heath Bar!!!  You guessed it?  Seriously?? I’m very impressed.  You could substitute Pixie Stix or maybe some Halloween minis or beef jerky (but UGH why would you want to do that??) – I like chocolate.

The battle is not entirely over.  Photoshop is playing with me – I’ve discovered I saved the files in the wrong format for WordPress. But I made the watermark, and I got the photo into the post, and that’s good enough for this stubborn stamper tonight.  Tomorrow’s another day, Miss Scarlet.  Let’s just hope I remember it all.

4 thoughts on “The Stubborn Stamper

  1. I bought Photoshop recently mainly so I could edit and do a watermark all on one program. I don’t have a Mac, but I haven’t been able to figure it out either. Just yesterday I was thinking that I needed a week off from everything and just focus on the Photoshop and the book and hope that I can figure it out. Unfortunately that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Good for you doing the watermark! And this little holder is adorable. Now I see that I need the Tangerine EP. Good thing I didn’t send that order in yet.


    1. seriously! I finally found a video on youtube that I could follow but it still took me forEVER to put it together! My son used to be my suffering photoshop tutor but he’s away at college – I think he misses it though 🙂


  2. Hi,
    Great treat holder. Could you please send me the details? I would love to be able to recreate your wonderful chocolate bar holder.


  3. Hi Alison – this is the Petite Pocket Sizzix Bigz L die from Stampin’ Up! I used the Sizzix Window Frames Framelits for the label on the front, and the Frightening Feline stamp for the image – all from Stampin’ Up! Hope that helps.


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