A very special sign

Carol was inspired by something she saw on Pinterest and asked her dad if he could make a sign for the wedding.  The guests were coming from many, many places, and Carol wanted something that would acknowledge the distances traveled.

Mr Maui Stamper, aka Dad, is a craftsman in his own right.  His medium is wood, and though it’s been a few years since he did a project of this scale he immediately started planning.  His skill and attention to detail resulted in an extraordinary sign:

Maui Stamper Dad's SignThere were a few locations that weren’t represented by name but were within a hundred miles or so of another destination.  And those distances are not approximations, but were carefully calculated using specific coordinates for the EXACT distance!

The sign required a pretty substantial footing, and that meant removing a couple of the distance arrows from the bottom in order to put it in place.  Carol loves her power tools:

Maui Stamper Wedding Destinations Sign

The sign began and ended the week installed in our back yard – in fact, it is going to be permanently installed in the garden.  For our parties at home, we wanted it to be more accessible so it went in the middle of the lawn:

Maui Stamper Wedding Destinations SignDid I mention that Carol is an engineer too?  She and her dad worked together on the back yard installation as that is a big sign and takes at least two people to put in place.  Guests at the various parties took photos with the sign and admired both its physical and technical beauty.

It was a pretty impressive installation at the reception, too:

ScottDrexler Photography

6 thoughts on “A very special sign

  1. Anne, what an amazing story…… I loved the idea and the all the pictures….. Mr Stamper is very talented…..thx for sharing….


  2. What a great idea! By the way, it’s snowing heavily in South Bend. Looks like we’re going to get several inches–16 degrees–windchill 1 degree. I hope you’re enjoying your warm weather!


  3. Anne, that sign is INCREDIBLE! I had no idea “Mr. Maui Stamper” custom-made it?! You have one mighty gifted family! 🙂
    I might have to recruit your team of helpers one day…jk…maybe~ ;D


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