Weekly Deals December 17 – 23

Maui Stamper Weekly Deal December 17, 2013Order ONLINE!

This Nativity set began my collection.  My sister brought it for me from Israel, and it’s made from olive wood.  I love the simplicity of the features and the beauty in the grain of the wood:

Maui Stamper Olive Wood NativityThe Wise Men are getting close…at the beginning of Advent, when I set up my Nativities, the Wise Men are at a distance.

Maui Stamper Olive Wood NativitySuch serious faces.  And yes, they are kind of tippy looking – they’re hand-made, after all – and if you had been traveling all that long way on a camel you would be tippy too.

Maui Stamper Olive Wood NativityBaby Jesus doesn’t make His appearance in the Nativities until Christmas Eve, but it wouldn’t do to take a picture of the Holy Family without Him, now, would it?

Maui Stamper Olive Wood NativityThe Shepherd and his sheep are so patient.  Actually, he’s been waiting a very long time and I think he may have shut his eyes for a little snooze.

The trees in the background are new this year – they’re very angular and modern, but I like the way they contrast with the rough-hewn faces and figures.

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