Stamping just for fun

Sometimes the list of projects I “have” to do gets out of control and I rebel.  (I KNOW.  You’re shocked.)  Last night I decided to make some simple tags just because:

Maui Stamper Handmade Christmas Gift tagsThese aren’t to show off any special technique or demonstrate my skill as a colorist (snort) or win a Pinterest popularity award.  They were a project I did to relax during a busy time of year, doing something I really enjoy.  (Although there might be a preview of a new punch coming in the Occasions catalog here – take a second look at the top of the tags.)

Maui Stamper Handmade Christmas Gift tagsI pulled out anything that had Christmas images or messages and punched out a handful of tags and just stamped.  It reminded me of when I started stamping, of how thrilled I would be to make something myself.

Maui Stamper Handmade Christmas Gift tags

This one took a little bit longer because I punched out the sentiment.  Honestly, I wasn’t going for anything here except my own pleasure in the process.  There might have been a teeny tiny bit of rebellion still going on, since I pulled out my (retired) Color Spritzer tool to add a little texture to this tag.  Last time I looked, it was still on the Clearance Rack.

When was the last time you made something Just Because?  I know you don’t have time.  I didn’t either – until I did it, and realized how much I needed to spend that time on myself.

Before I go, I want to share one of my many nativity scenes:

Maui Stamper Coconut Creche NativityMr. Maui Stamper brought this home to me just before we moved to Maui nearly 24 years ago.  I was pregnant, Christmas was coming, and he had a business trip to Maui – without me.  The figures are wood, but the base is coconut husk.  The infant is big in proportion to Joseph and Mary (poor Mary!), and don’t miss the dove at the feet of the angel.  The little sheep are so round they almost look like pigs, and of course there has to be a coconut palm!   This little Nativity has a special place in my heart.  I hope you enjoy it, too.

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