Birthdays are wonderful things…

I celebrated my birthday last month.  It wasn’t one of those birthdays that end in zero, but like my dad always says, it’s good to be on this side of the grass.  I had a fabulous day, including lots of card-love from my family and friends.  I thought I’d share a few:

Maui Stamper Birthday Cheryl's Coffee Card in a BoxThis girl certainly knows me well!  Cheryl chose a coffee theme and made a card-in-a-box, since we’ve both become somewhat obsessed with them.

Maui Stamper Birthday Becky EnjoyMy friend Becky sent this sweet card featuring the oh-so-on-trend Filmstrip Framelits.  Becky and I met at convention years ago when I burst into tears sitting next to her at a presentation (very long story).  Suffice it to say that she wrapped me up in a hug and a very special friendship was born!Maui Stamper Birthday Sharyly ShellsMy friend and fellow stamper Sharyl used the Sweet Sorbet DSP and a found seashell to create this beachy birthday card.  I love the rhinestones on the slippers!  (We do NOT call them flip flops, thongs, go-aheads, or zoris.  They are slippahs.  Rubbah slippahs.)

Maui Stamper Birthday CrystalCrystal sent this gorgeous water-colored card.  It is so very much her style – I would have guessed it was hers if I had seen it almost anywhere!

This last card isn’t hand-made, but it is so ME:Maui Stamper Birthday Wendy Ladies OK, so I’m not 80 yet, and I don’t carry a white handbag, but I DO wear Birkenstocks.  Every day.  Like, 24/7.  Wendy is my Maui Fashion Consultant, and this is what she wrote:

Maui Stamper Birthday Wendy PROMISE!I think I can make that promise.  ‘Cause those shoes aren’t Birks.



4 thoughts on “Birthdays are wonderful things…

  1. Very happy belated birthday wishes my friend ! Love your card selection. ..the shoe promise made me grin as I have scoffed at the Velcro feature before :O but really…only two pair of fashionable ( discreet) versions have made it in the door by necessity so far…♡
    have a wonderful NeW year ~


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