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Maui Stamper RemARKable March Pinworthy Blog tour


It’s another RemARKable Pinworthy blog tour – and this time we are focusing on flowers.  I think most crafters LOVE flowers, and I’m no exception.  One of my favorite new flower products is the Sizzix Spiral Flower Originals die, and I thought I would tackle something I’ve been thinking about for a while.  I’m pretty pleased with my first attempt:

Maui Stamper Spiral Flower Originals Die Denim FlowersI have been imagining crafting with our new Sizzix Spiral Flower Originals Die with fabric for weeks!  I have SO MANY ideas for these flowers…but I’m getting ahead of myself.  These are made from denim (specifically, an old pair of torn, destroyed jeans) and tulle (leftover from my bridal ensemble – really!)

My first idea was a wristlet:

Maui Stamper Spiral Flower Originals Die Denim FlowersI didn’t even get to the embellishment stage.  This idea has potential, but the problem here is that I’m a Bash-and-Crash kinda girl, and this little confection wouldn’t make it through the first day on my wrist.

Maui Stamper Spiral Flower Originals Die Denim FlowersCute idea – for someone else’s wrist.  It was back to the drawing board.

Maui Stamper Spiral Flower Originals Die Denim FlowersI used two denim spirals and two tulle spirals for the flower on the right.  The one on the left has one denim spiral and two tulle spirals – the tulle is very lightweight and soft, not the stiff variety.

Maui Stamper Spiral Flower Originals Die Denim FlowersThe “double denim” flower is in the center – it’s definitely larger – with a single denim layer flower on either side.

Maui Stamper Spiral Flower Originals Die Denim FlowersI did learn a few tricks in the process of assembling these.  If I were working with fabric only (no tulle) it would be fairly simple to roll first and hot glue second.  However, the tulle is wispy and stubborn, and I found it easier to roll a little, hot glue a little, and roll a little more.  Also, when you are working with paper, it’s very easy to adjust the tightness of the rolled flower once you’re done.  With fabric (even if you haven’t hot glued it together already!) there’s too much friction in the layers and they don’t want to loosen up.  I found I got the best results by practicing once or twice before I began to assemble with the hot glue.

Now that I have a few of these under my belt, I can’t wait to add Spiral Flower embellishments to…well, you’ll have to wait and see.  In the meantime, go see what the rest of the RemARKables have come up with – I’m certain you’ll be inspired!

RemARKable PINworthy Blog Tour 2014

Head on over to Audra Monk at the Crafty Yogi to continue the tour!



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